Picture of Noah TremblyNoah Trembly is a specialist in assessing the accessibility of website, operating system, and software products. In addition to mainstream software, he also is an expert in Prentke Romich Company (PRC) Communication devices, the Unity language system, and customized programming of PRC software. On a personal level he has over 20 years of experience using a variety of Minspeak based communication systems.

In addition to computer-based accessibility, he also has experience in evaluating physical structure and vehicular access from the perspective of someone with complex communication and physical needs.

Mr. Trembly is also a public speaker in a variety of venues. He is a consumer consultant in co-teaching a class on AAC at Ohio University. He has spoken publicly at schools and conferences on a variety of subjects related to overcoming the obstacles associated with living with a disability. Mr Trembly also speaks as an advocate. In particular, his experience includes self-advocacy with waiver programs to maintain independent living in the community and how to lobby the state legislature to bring about positive changes for others with disabilities.

A member of the community, Mr. Trembly serves on the Athens, City Commission on Disabilities. He founded and maintains a private consultancy firm with Noah Trembly Enterprises. He accepts clients focsing on empowering consumers with disabilities to obtain needed services.