“Noah, has been an excellent resource. I appreciate his knowledge and his willingness to share his experiences and expertise.  He has been willing to go the extra mile to encourage and motivate not only individuals but the community at large.”

Pat Schwinn,
Speech Language Pathologist

“Noah has been a tremendous asset to the Ohio University community.  In addition to his skills in web site design and development, he has produced videos and raised awareness relative to disability and accessibility issues on campus.  His guest lectures are routinely highlighted in student evaluations as being valuable additions to coursework and to understanding issues related to individuals with complex communication needs.”

Dr. John McCarthy
Ohio University

Noah has graciously given his time and expertise to attend my Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing at Ohio University. During our neuroanatomy and physiology section, Noah provides unique perspectives on communication challenges that accompany neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy. This includes a discussion of alternative communication technologies he personally employs. Students remark that it is a great opportunity to interact with Noah and to know how he uses alternative and augmentative communication. Noah is very dynamic with his talks and gets the students engaged from the time he enters the room.

Dr. Bentley Andrew Krause
Ohio University